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Experience a special day "next to" the Via Plata

My tip for Via de la Plata pilgrims who want to enjoy a special culinary, cultural, scenic and personal "experience day" a few kilometres along the Camino.

The accommodation situation in Alcuéscar (Aljucen to Alcuéscar stage) does not offer so many variants of accommodation at the moment. Since my small hostel there is closed, I offer this "experience day" in Montánchez as an alternative, which some pilgrims already enjoyed last year.

Montánchez is located in the Sierra de Montánchez on a hill (700 metres above sea level) and has a lot to offer. You can get there easily by bus, which leaves Alcuéscar at 13:35. (Taxi or privately organised transport is of course also an option).

What does this day in Montánchez offer?

  • I will pick you up at the bus stop in Montánchez.

  • There is a hostal (single or shared rooms) where I can make reservations in advance.

  • If you have tired feet and legs, you can get a soothing treatment in my current practice.

- Foot blister care

- Massage with effective oils

- Foot bath (relaxing, analgesic, invigorating)

- Muscle and blister oil

  • Walk through the village and to the Castillo with impressive views all around.

  • Culinary enjoyment, including the specialities of the special black pig, which live right here from the area naturally and freely

  • If you like, I can give you various tips for the next stages

  • Good pilgrim talks (in German or English)

The hostal in the village is a good place to stay. Since I can't offer any cheap rooms of my own yet, you could stay there or in an antique 4-star house.

Anyone interested can contact me via PN in Facebook/Group ViaPlata-Aktuell or via WhatsApp +34-604 89 16 60.

I'm glad if you like such a special day and I'll see you then!

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