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BlisterFree & StrongMuscles

Practical tips, guides for your Camino  | PDF, download

sample reading/ at the moment only in german:

So that you can reach your goal as painlessly as possible, I have written this guide for you.

It is the summary of my knowledge of many years in my profession, the experiences as a frequent pilgrim since 1999 and as an ex-hospitalera in the successful treatment of many pilgrims' feet and legs.

This guide "BlisterFree & StrongMuscles" is now also available in PDF/paper form and in a revised edition! (also available as Kindle Amazon)

In the PDF box on the right you can see the first 8 pages.

After payment you will be forwarded directly to the download link.

At the moment only in german!

Price:  €6.50​​


Opinions from other pilgrims:

AccoraMedia - Eckhard F.              (09/14/2021/ Amazon)

My review is a little late. Had to try everything first. A blister also appeared on the left heel after a day trip in the afternoon. hurt something. All the ingredients from the book “Blowdown Free & Muscle Strong” helped me. Now with the certainty that I can take care of myself properly, I'm planning my next hike.

Maya Fröhlich                                    (09/30/2021 / Amazon)

Highly recommended!

Super book with very valuable tips for a carefree Camino.
Too bad it wasn't there when I ran. It would have helped me a lot. I will definitely order the oils too. They're not just helpful on the Camino. I will also use them for hikes at home.

Suzanne Roob                                   (10/15/2021 / Amazon)

We haven't been on the Camino, but we read the book in preparation for a 5-day hike.

It is clearly structured and contains many useful and easy-to-implement tips for typical complaints.

Thank God we were spared from blisters. But the "Aceite Reparador" has proven to be excellent for mosquito bites (and we've had a lot!). Every evening, as recommended, we massaged our Achilles tendons, calves and shoulder-neck area (heavy backpack!) with the muscle oil "Aceite Muscular". What a blessing! So we got there without any problems. The oils smell pleasant, spicy and are extremely economical.

An absolute recommendation!

Carola Bodanowitz                   (5.11.2021 / Amazon)

What pilgrims should know before their journey...

The author provides detailed assistance not only in the event that bubbles have already formed, but also good advice on how to prevent them from forming in the first place. Especially on hikes lasting several weeks, blisters can form quickly and usually unnoticed, and the correct treatment of these blisters is often decisive for the onward journey and its success. Training for such an extreme load in everyday life is not organizationally possible for most people, and so you can be happy if you can professionally treat heavily stressed joints and muscles with the high-quality oils offered. Every pilgrim should have this oil duo with them and rather do without other superfluous equipment! Above all: read this e-book first! It can avoid many a nasty surprise...

Ines Rosengarten-MacGill.            (01/05/2022 / Amazon)


This booklet and the two oils made a significant contribution to my being able to complete my Camino on the Via de la Plata. I had terrible blisters and my knee wouldn't let me go any further.
I then started to treat myself with the help of the guide and the two oils and actually got everything under control.

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