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Here you will find things that can make your Camino easier...

Walk your Camino as "relaxed" as possible and in a good mood?

This is my concern!

In this way, a pilgrim can open up more easily to introspection and finding solutions to special life situations, as well as enjoying the wonderfully healing landscape, communication with fellow pilgrims and locals and all other life-giving things.

All my offers are from my experience and knowledge of pilgrimage and mine  from the hostel period, supplemented with a lot of knowledge about the physical and mental challenges, as well as the positive effects of treatments, supplements, oils, essences, herbs  and more.  

My request to you:

Please share this website with other pilgrims and pilgrim friends so that as many pilgrims as possible can know and benefit from it. 

Self-help-booklet, pdf
Muscle Oil
Healing Oil
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