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May 2022 - early heat in the south- Tips

For all pilgrims in Andalusia and Extremadura who have now started in May or will start in the next few days:

This May brings us a very unusually early and high temperature phase here in the south this year. The weather forecasts for these regions are quite consistent over 14 days between 33 and 40 degrees.

As I am currently accompanying several pilgrims with my Camino-Angel service via WhatsApp, and they have asked me for advice on what they can do to not completely "collapse", I would like to inform all other pilgrims as well. Everyone is different - one person falls over at 25 degrees and another can go on pilgrimage in summer. The important thing is to know how and what supports the body to cope better.

I myself have always gone on pilgrimage in the height of summer and have been able to gather my own experiences and am happy if they perhaps help you to get through the hot days better or if you can make the pilgrimage less strenuous.

Therefore here:

My recommendations for hot days:

  1. See if you can still spare or dispose of something from your backpack or send it by parcel post to a town further north.

  2. Unfortunately, there is no well-organized backpack transport in the south. BUT if you can get together with others and there are several of you, you could order a taxi in the normal way and share the price.

  3. Take at least! 4 liters of water with you on the stage. There is really NOTHING to refill on the way!

  4. Don't drink the last sips until you're sure you have a "supply" of fresh water in front of you! It's not unusual for the village to be further away than you think or for the only bar to be closed.

  5. On arrival at the stage destination, after the enjoyable beer, be sure to drink plenty of water.

  6. Also at night, when you wake up, drink a few sips to refill. Please bear in mind that the body has a lot of substances to flush out due to the high muscle performance anyway, for which it needs water and "unfortunately" not only wine, beer and cola can be used!

  7. In the morning, between getting up and starting on the trail, drink as much water as possible so that your body has a water depot right away and you don't have to start drinking the water you took with you until later.

  8. Put a few of the water bottles and hydration bladders in the freezer compartment of the accommodation in the evening - if there is one. This way, the water stays much cooler and the effect on the body is greater than water completely warmed up by the sun.

  9. Use rivers, rivulets, small lakes, etc., if available, to take a break and put your feet in the cooler water. This reduces the swelling of the feet and cools down the body so that you feel fresher afterward. In addition, the body absorbs fluid through the skin of the feet. Also, hold your hands up to your wrists in the cold water and put a cool damp cloth on the back of your neck and, if you don't feel uncomfortable, wet your hair well.

  10. Always allow for a little more water so that you can help your body to better compensate for the unusual temperatures through "evaporative cooling". You can do this as follows:

- dampen a cloth (handkerchief if necessary) and place it around the neck or

on the back of the neck.

- Heat often accumulates under the hat. Help your head by making your hair

damp under the hat.

- If you are sensitive, do not be on the slopes with uncovered arms, or only for

a short time. Bare skin evaporates a lot of body water very quickly! body


- moisten the sleeves of the long-sleeved shirt


  • take the temperatures seriously if your body is not used to them!

  • Try out my suggestions

  • In an emergency, don't be afraid to call for help! (Call a taxi, ask hostel parents for help to pick you up on the way, or even call

Guardia Civil 062 oder Notfall 112

Camino walking, as every frequent pilgrim knows, also teaches us to learn to listen better to our bodies!

I hope I can help you a little with this and wish everyone, as always:


You can find more tips, information and help in my

In case of questions or emergencies, you can also contact me directly, as well as in case of emergency if you don't have a Spanish-speaking person next to you or if you can't communicate - or you can book my CAMINO-ANGEL-SERVICE for the Via de la Plata. There you will receive various help in emergencies, communication, reservations, stage tips, and current information.


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