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Tajo/Embalse Alcántara - Hostel closed - other options

The vexed topic - Hostel Tajo reservoir - reopening uncertain

The hostel has been permanently closed since the lockdown. A new approval process is underway, but it is sure to take longer.

What alternatives/options are there for pilgrims?

Note: The owners of the "Hostal Alcántara Pesca Evasión" on the road there do not accept pilgrims! The offers are for fishing tourists.

Once you have arrived at the Tajo reservoir, you can

  • Either turn right again on the opposite side of the hill (well signposted) and continue along the Camino to Canaveral (where there is a nice Albergue Turistico).

  • or call a taxi (this driver knows the pick-up point!!!) to pick you up and drive you to Canaveral.

Taxi: +34-639 86 73 36

Malaga Hostel: +34-927 30 00 67

Tourist Hostel: +34-669 40 24 46

  • or book at the Hostal Malaga and have someone pick you up (the communication there is very often a bit tedious).

  • or take the bus from Caceres to Canaveral.


from Casar de Cáceres there is NO direct bus connection to

Canaveral!!!! Only from Caceres bus station to Cacar de Caceres.

OR by another bus to Canaveral. (several bus connections during the day)

  • or walk to the Tajo reservoir, then take a taxi to Canaveral and continue the Camino on foot to Grimaldo. There is a very nice Casa Rural there with pilgrim discounts. However, you MUST call ahead and make a reservation to be sure of a bed.

This variant has the advantage that you can walk the next day to Galisteo.

or even the 9 km (less frequented country road) to Carcabosso.

Carcabosso, so that the next long stage (to Aldenueva del Camino) can be

is easier to share or run through.

The stage from Casar to Tajo is beautiful, but not to be underestimated...

Please note, however, that the last few kilometers (approx. 6) to the point where the hostel is now closed, must all be done on the road, as the river has to be crossed twice and there is absolutely no other crossing possible. In addition, it goes steadily slightly uphill. This part is very challenging with high temperatures from midday onwards! There is NO water on the way!!! and no shade on the road! I myself know this stretch from walking it 3 times in August....

For pilgrims who would like to have individual planning and booking suggestions or are not sure of the Spanish language for reservations and/or appreciate help in the background for unforeseen "emergency" situations,

I have created the CAMINO-ANGEL-SERVICE. You can read more about it here.

Now a BUEN CAMINO from me to all of you - and have a good trip to your stage goal!



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